Commentary by John Howard Sanden
America's Most Famous Painting
This is the painting that shaped the new nation of America. As a people, we saw in this
face those elements that we wanted to characterize our nation.
The Most Admired Man In the World
Graham has been in the top ten more than any other man—55 times since 1955.
Painting Portraits That Will Not
Scare Pets or Grandchildren
33 Years in Carnegie Hall
For More Than a Century, the Studios of
Carnegie Hall Were a Focus of Creativity in the
Art World of New York City. In 2008, They Closed
Forever, Leaving Rich Memories Behind...
The Question of the Smile
Why is it that a broad smile is almost always wrong in a portrait?
How One Good Idea By One Artist
Changed Portrait Painting Forever

An Artist's Extraordinarily Good Idea
Reshaped the History of the Profession
Marian MacKinney
The eminent President and Director of Portraits, Incorporated in New York
died on August 1st.
More On Presidential Portraiture—Nine
Great Twentieth Century Examples
A Second Follow-Up To The Wall Street Journal
A Reply To The Wall Street Journal
Presidential Portraiture Today—
Moving Beyond Gilbert Stuart
Is Raw Sienna a "Shortcut"?
The list of artists' pigments, evolving over centuries, includes 530 entries, with some 44 achieving
the status of "standard" pigments. By what criteria are colors added to the list?
(The second of three articles on this subject.)
A Study of Velázquez' Technique Results In
Portrait Pigments for Today
Those perfect flesh tones in the portraits of Velázquez—available for today's artists.
(The first of three articles on this subject.)
The Future of Portrait Painting
Reflections on the renewal that is always needed.
The Self-Portraits of Anders Zorn
The great Swedish master looks into the mirror.
The Ten Greatest Portraits Ever Painted
Ten immortal masterpieces that tower over all the rest.
The Dazzling Bravura of Giovanni Boldini
His exuberant brush captured extraordinary realism.
A Puzzling Mystery at The Norman Rockwell Museum
One of the great illustrator's masterpieces is exhibited—or is it?
The 'Romantic Realism' of Samuel Edmund Oppenheim
His Elegant, Sensitive Paintings Evoke a Special World of Beauty
The Matchless Albert K. Murray
Was he America's foremost portrait painter—after Sargent?
The Art of Sir William Orpen
The dazzling Irish painter created portraits with an amazing force of precision.


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