John Howard Sanden portraits  
n 1975, we moved four doors up the block from 130 West 57th Street to the most famous building in New York City. Many people—even longtime New Yorkers—do not know that, for over a hundred years, a thriving artistic community occupied the 170 studios above and surrounding the most renowned concert auditorium in the world. Andrew Carnegie added the two studio towers four years after Carnegie Hall opened in 1890, to supplement with rental income the Hall's ticket sales. Artists, musicians, dancers, and photographers created a unique creative community in the complex warren of large and small spaces. Our first Carnegie Hall studio was 1011 - with a stunning view of Central Park and the very best north light in all of New York. J.H.S
Carnegie Hall, Studio 1011, Manhattan
1975 – 1978
Our Studios 1970 – 2015
  p r e v  n e x t Carnegie Hall Studio 1011 featured a fourteen-foot ceiling and excellent north light—the very best light in all of New York.